The Grace By Which You Fall

We start recording for Billy Sedlmayr’s record tomorrow! I’ll be producing the record, and we’ll have an astounding cast of folks backing Billy up including Winston Watson, Thøger T. Lund, Connor Gallaher, Jason Urman, Jack Sterbis, Jake Sullivan, Geoff Hidalgo, and many more guests!

You can get daily updates of our happenings at Billy’s new Official Facebook Page!


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39 hours to reach our goal!

FRIENDS! An update on our Kickstarter project to fund Billy Sedlmayr’s debut solo record that I am producing. We are at $7,345 with 39 hours to reach our goal of $10,000. If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, we do not get any money unless we reach our goal.

So please follow the link below and make a pledge, forward it to friends…. anything you can do to help is GREATLY appreciated!

Billy Sedlmayr’s Kickstarter

the otherside.

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Tucson Kills

Billy Sedlmayr (of Giant Sandworms, The Pedestrians…) is collaborating with Gabriel Sullivan to produce his debut solo record which will be recorded and filmed in Tucson, AZ. Check out the Kickstarter page for the project HERE!

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Good Luck Suckers

Tonight is the last night of the Giant Giant Sand European tour. 6 fender twins guided us through the last two weeks. The amount of twang has been startling and uplifting. Now this train rolls to a halt. Tomorrow its on to Nantes, France for a week off before two weeks of French festivals with the gang.

big sounds in Switzerland







Gettin round.
Gabriel Sullivan

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Ponme la mano aqui

Been back in Tucson for the last 3 weeks. The desert has been harsh n hard. Trees bent down by pummeling monsoons and rattle snakes flooded n displaced in car ports and back yards.

Lightning did this…









Now it’s back to Europe for a few weeks. Startin off with 2 weeks of playing in Giant Giant Sand…. all dates can be found floatin around here.

After that, it’s back to France with them French Cumbia Ambassadors for a run of festivals, Muscadet wine, and some psychedelic cheese. Those dates reside here.


And we must all remember the shadows and the magic that was Chavela Vargas…


from the otherside…


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From the Dark Dirty East

Currently in Metz, France in the smokey and slightly smoked tobacco shop home of Thee Verduns. Taking  a few minutes to wander the EU with tranquility and ease on the mind. A couple shows in France and some gypsy lessons in Cordoba and then it’s back on home to drag the rake over some new projects. See what comes…








The things we do to save a buck…..
Gabriel Sullivan

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