Rollin All Night Long

The Crucible song a day project is still rollin. Here’s one of my favorite songs from this month:


In other news . .. I got one more week to catch my breath n find new pointy boots here in Tucson before I head out again with Howe Gelb for a 10 day tour of Spain. I’ll again be opening the shows and accompanying Howe on guitar and drums. I hear a fellow named Shelley and a hand full of gypsies might join us here n there as well .. .. check the shows section for tour dates.

It’s like they say . .. in the heat of the day, a drink will keep the pain at bay  .. …


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Hidden Mothers picture disc

Happy to present The Hidden Mothers 7″ picture disc! 50 hand number copies were made and will be available on the upcoming European tour. Any left over copies will be sold online. . .. but until then, head to my Bandcamp to hear and download the track!


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The Crucible

A new year is a graveyard for attempts at forming better habits. … .. well here’s my attempt.

After writing, recording, producing, session playing, and attempting to release multiple records this year, I’ve hit a wall. It just doesn’t work. It is a childish game of searching for labels, asking for favors, racking up credit cards to pay for recording time, etc . .. it becomes nothing but a knuckle draggin rut. It’s rare to know how to make somethin really click for you, but when the wheels are about to fall off and the bottle in the passenger seat is empty, you know it’s time to change.

Here’s my try at keepin music light n simple. To realizin that a song is just a song. There’s too damn many of em anyways. No song is more or less special than the next. You pick one up for a day, put your favorites on an iPod playlist, throw the rest away . .. This is an attempt at writing, recording, and “releasing (putting on the web)” a song a day . .. recording on an iPhone, tape machine, Logic, Pro Tools, whatever. Sketches, totally thought out songs, instrumentals, spoken word . .. Here’s my try at better habits.

Head on over and check out the first two installments of what I’m calling The Crucible.


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