Pre-orders are now up for JVPITER vinyl’s as well as digital! If you purchase a pre-order now you get an immediate download of the 3 singles that have already been released including “Seven Cataracts”, “Fall Apart”, and the Bruce Springsteen cover “The Ghost of Tom Joad”.

Click below to purchase your vinyl!

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Thank you Europe for a fantastic stretch of tours! Thank you Howe Gelb for the invitation to open such great concerts. Thanks to Thøger T Lund, Nikolaj Heyman, Peter Dombernowsky, and Maggie Bjorklund for backin me up so wonderfully. What a treasure to play with your favorite musicians.

Back in the scorch here in Tucson. Now it’s time to get ready for the release of the Billy Sedlmayr album, finish tracking for the new Chicha Dust album, finish recording on the new Giant Sand album, finish production of the Crystal Radio album . …

oh . .. and I’ll soon be announcing a release date and info for my new album “JVPITER”!

Back to work.

Naked Song Festival

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A Man With A Block

Floating around Europe again . … opening for that Howe Gelb man . .. Can’t seem to find any time to properly put towards The Crucible song a day project . … hmph . .. doin what I can .  ..

Writers . … block  ?? ?? no . .. just not enough time.

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Rollin All Night Long

The Crucible song a day project is still rollin. Here’s one of my favorite songs from this month:


In other news . .. I got one more week to catch my breath n find new pointy boots here in Tucson before I head out again with Howe Gelb for a 10 day tour of Spain. I’ll again be opening the shows and accompanying Howe on guitar and drums. I hear a fellow named Shelley and a hand full of gypsies might join us here n there as well .. .. check the shows section for tour dates.

It’s like they say . .. in the heat of the day, a drink will keep the pain at bay  .. …


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